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As many of you may be aware the Warrick Chamber has been working with the County to implement the Innkeeper Tax to support the promotion of Warrick County tourism and recreation.     Warrick County is one of the few Counties in Indiana currently not taking advantage of an innkeeper tax as a source of revenue to promote our County.  We have a new hotel building in our County and more are looking at this area.  With current lodging and a new hotel this can bring in over $100,000 per year to promote our County.  This is dollars generated by those staying in our County and not our residents.   Now is the time to implement this in Warrick County.  Our State legislators, on behalf of our County Council submitted a bill at the Statehouse to create a Warrick County Innkeeper Tax.  It is in the Ways & Means Committee but has not been set for a hearing.  We need businesses, individuals, non-profits as individuals and groups to contact Ways & Means Chairperson, Timothy Brown and request that HB 1339 be given a hearing.   Timothy Brown, Ways & Means Chairperson   email – H41@in.gov   phone – 800-382-9841   Having the Warrick Innkeeper tax will bring a source of revenue into the County to be used solely to promote the unique features, museums and events that make Warrick County such a great place to live and work.  Please share any information that can highlight the benefits to Warrick County, your business, museums, events, non-profits.

Should you agree, please copy this letter and email to our Indiana Representative Timothy Brown

letter of support of HB1339 to Representative Brown

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Historic Newburgh, Inc. is your go-to source for what is happening in Newburgh, Indiana.  Our community has been a National Main Street Community for over 30 years.  Perched on the banks of the Ohio River, Historic Newburgh has unique shopping and dining, sightseeing and strolling, festivals and events.  There are four distinct shopping areas in this little town of 3000 people. There is the north end along State Street near the American Legion, the west end along Hwy 662, the Jennings Station Area and Downtown.  There is something for everyone.

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