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History of Historic Newburgh, Inc.

In the late 1970’s, a handful of visionaries began meeting to discuss the future of the downtown and decided they wanted to incorporate. They knew they needed money in order to move forward with revitalization so this group began selling Charter memberships.

A two-year grant request was written to provide funds for an employee.  They were awarded the grant and on May 27, 1980 Historic Newburgh, Inc. was officially incorporated as a Local Development Corporation or LDC.

In the early 1980’s, through the efforts of HNI, Downtown Newburgh was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was around the same time that HNI began to take seriously the need to make changes to the downtown infrastructure.  The downtown of the early 80’s was a much different place than it is now.

Through a Community Development Block Grant, Historic Newburgh, Inc., along with the Town of Newburgh and other partners, was able to complete the 1989 Downtown Newburgh Revitalization Project, which improved the streetscape through sidewalks, sewers, and street lights.

In 1986, when the State of Indiana officially began the Indiana Main Street program, Historic Newburgh, Inc. was chosen as one of the first five Main Street programs in the state.  The Main Street program, born out of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, is a proven model for preservation-based economic development for urban areas.  The Main Street approach encourages towns to focus on their downtown areas.  It is important to save its historic buildings, to revive its commercial core, to strengthen business, to control community-eroding sprawl, and keep a sense of place and community life in America.

Historic Newburgh, Inc. helped to complete many projects over the years:
1. The  Riverfront Walkway Project, which has now connected to the beautiful Rivertown Trail
2. Living Treasures Interviews
3. The Fortress of Fun Playground
4. Historic Newburgh trolley
5. Newburgh Bicentennial Celebration
6. Veterans Monument
7. Lamppost Flower Basket Project

Through our annual events, Wine, Art & Jazz Festival, Newburgh Fireworks Celebration, The Historic Newburgh Farmers Market, Ghost Walks, and Newburgh Celebrates Christmas, HNI brings over 20,000 people annually to Historic Downtown Newburgh.

Historic Newburgh, Inc. has done much for Newburgh and through the continuation of collaborative efforts with the Town of Newburgh and with all Historic Downtown Newburgh stakeholders, the historic integrity, charm, and vibrancy of our commercial core is insured.

The  Little Red Brick Building

The organizers of the fundraising campaign for The Little Red Brick House are thrilled to announce that campaign on Kickstarter was a success!  This morning the fundraising total was just over $12,000 of the $19,000 goal set.  As the campaign came to a close the tally rolled just past the $19,000 to close out at $19,176.
With these funds the campaign to move the house has crossed the $50,000 mark.  This $50,000 also includes a grant from the Indiana Historical Society.  A final grant proposal that will be submitted to the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) will allow the project to reach completion if awarded.  The funds raised in this Kickstarter campaign will be used as the matching funds required for this OCRA grant proposal.  Beyond the grants, this project could not be accomplished without the support of the community.  Between the Kickstarter Campaign and donations received at Historic Newburgh, Inc. over 150 individuals and families made personal donations.  Without the belief in the project and the backing of these individuals the campaign would not be a success.  The goal of the campaign is to relocate, restore and repurpose this historic structure in the Old Lock and Dam Park along The Ohio River Scenic Byway.   Download the donation form here:  Little Red Brick House Brochure1.